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Quality Interior Design Services (QIDS) is Singapore’s premier HDB Interior Design firm. We offer Singaporeans some unique choices to suit every part of the house, whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bathroom and even study rooms. We ensure our Client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. Our work has been stated as “understatedly luxurious and sophisticated” with our clients from all over Singapore telling us that hiring QIDS was the best thing they ever did. We are experts at taking your ideas to the next level and maximizing potential of your space, your style and your budget! We look forward to working with you and achieving the space that you have always dreamed of.

We take pride in specialising in HDB interior design for their flats and apartments so as to provide an enriching experience for our customers. That said, our designs are not limited to HDB flats only. Be it in residential (HDB flats, condos, terrace houses) or commercial (offices) areas, if you are finding the best ID firm or individual for your particular needs, look no further. This is the place just for you.

We Provide Top Class HDB Interior Design at Affordable Prices

When choosing an ID company, it’s important to find those with experience in the type of design you need. It usually involves finding a designer with a strong reputation among former clients, the ability to communicate effectively, and of course, an eye for all types of design. And if you choose to evaluate a designer’s references, the best way is to ask for a sampling of former customers who utilised the different types of their services. Hence, by talking to several distinct customers, you should be able to gauge the success your designer has had while working on spaces similar to your own. However, this is where it gets tricky. Design firms and individual designers may differ greatly in their previous design experiences but they are unlikely to be willing to share their customer details. We have streamlined this process and done the work for you by allowing our designers to provide you with a list of references or former customers so you can verify the quality of their work.

You may want to find out if our former customers with a similar budget were satisfied with the attention given to their project. You may also want to inquire about the quality and sustainability that former customers believe they received from their particular HDB interior designs. Whether your project is big or small, you will be getting affordable quality work that will last. So, rest assured that we at Quality Interior Design Services will deliver.


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