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When it comes to remodeling their home, most people generally will opt to hire a professional renovation contractor for the job instead of coordinating with various sub-contractors themselves. If you are in the process of choosing a renovation contractor or even interior designer, you will want to follow a few guidelines to ensure you get the most for your money.


Negotiating Your Renovation


When choosing a renovation contractor or interior designer, it is always a good idea to approach several individuals or companies to get a bid. However, prior to actually approaching anyone, make sure you have already gone through the details of any work you need done. For example, before you ask for quotes, take note of things like appliance models, paint brands, and room measurements for your renovation space so the quotes you receive are all based on the same criteria.


Generally, it is best to get at least five quotes on your space from different renovation contractors. Surprisingly, experts usually recommend immediately getting rid of the lowest bid if it is significantly lower than the rest. Most professionals assume that a quote considerably lower than the majority of your quotes is misleading or comes from a contractor that did not interpret your needs correctly.

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Picking a Quality Renovation Contractor


Once you have been provided with quotes from a group of contractors, there are several ways to narrow down your choices.


Most reno contractors will give you a list of references from previous projects if you ask for it. If you can, ask for recent customers who had similar renovation budgets so you can adequately compare each potential contractor. Additionally, you should verify the long-term experience of anyone that bids on your home improvement project. Some will also assist you with renovation loans.


Another thing to look into when comparing contractors is licensing and legal affairs. You should be able to browse public records to determine if any of your bidding contractors are involved in pending lawsuits. You can also seek information from organizations in your state responsible for licensing contractors to ensure that your bidders are licensed and insured properly. You should also check if they are listed under the HDB list of registered contractors. This is a very crucial point to note as it gives you a sense of assurance in shortlisting your contractors.


The most important thing to remember when choosing a renovation contractor is that the time and work you put into researching and negotiating your renovation will be well worth the results. Skimping on the details of your hired contractors in the beginning of a project can cost you a lot of money in the long run. So, we advise all our customers to think through this step thoroughly before making a decision. Contact us if you still have queries. We are friendly people.





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