10 Type of Living Room Wallpaper Design & Ideas

Wallpaper’s appeal has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s simple to understand why. It’s now simpler than ever to alter your living area in just an evening, and we’ve got lots of ideas to help you get started. The finest living room wallpaper design often comes from a picture or portrait you see on the internet, on TV, or in a journal, and you may start to imagine however you want yours to appear. Wallpapering your interiors, a ceiling, and even half a doorway is no greater than the period, fiddly job it once was, and with ever more marketers delivering both wall art and paint in complementary shades, offering your lounge room a fresh new look is a job which you can simply take on oneself.

When it comes to selecting wallpaper for the living room, it can be difficult to actually start, but picking a pattern that you like and is exciting to you is a fantastic starting point. It’s crucial to consider if your living space faces north or south when picking wallpapers. “If the area faces south, this will receive a beam of sunlight, enabling for using cooler tones in the spectra; but, if the area faces northern, warmer tones will be required to make the area seem cosy. Utilizing textured wallpapers as a focal point for the space produces a coherent room decor; try drawing colours from it with furnishings.” Once you’ve determined how the area will be utilized, you may decide whether you want a vibrant living room wallpaper design or a soothing, subdued one. Look below to get some ideas and designs about living room wallpaper.

1. Florals Living Room Wallpaper Design

Florals Living Room Wallpaper Design

Florals, which were once considered fussy and outmoded, are making a comeback on our surfaces and are showing to be more fashionable than before in living rooms around the nation. Floral wallpaper envelops your surfaces in greenery and prefers to integrate a multitude of colours, which could be a fantastic way to truly imbed your visual style into the area to make it seem coherent but natural. With a crowded print like these, attempt to isolate one essential colour and repeat it in decorations and significant furniture pieces across the space.

2. Turquoise with teak

Turquoise with teak

If your living room has a lot of wood panels, such as the main deck, drawers, seating area, and dining chairs, as well as a wood floor, it can be in desperate need of some colouring to brighten things up. This vibrant turquoise backdrop will add vitality and life to your space without being too loud or gaudy. This unique wallpaper is whimsical but still classy, and it sits wonderfully behind an exquisite sideboard when paired with windows covered and painted white timber. An appealing living room wallpaper design is created by carefully selected items in a similar shade.

3. Turquoise with emerald Design

Turquoise with emerald Design

Combine any turquoise with emerald including their refined teal and you’ve got an easily harmonic mix that’s vivid while yet being quiet and calming. This Crafts style wallpaper uses turquoise and emerald to give a soothing background for lighter colours like baby blue and lime, which is ideal if you like a more energetic colour palette.

4. Match wallpaper to your paints Living Room Wallpaper ideas

Match wallpaper to your paints Living Room Wallpaper ideas

While wallpapers are an alternative for your living room wall, painting is also a choice. The two may really look great together, particularly if your wall has any form of panelling, but you must choose the proper hue for your paper. When mixing a wallpaper with painting, it’s crucial to complement the paint to a colour utilised in the wallpaper, living room wallpaper design of Black & dusky.

5. Travertine Living Room Wallpaper Design

Travertine Living Room Wallpaper Design

A travertine print is comparable to a leopard pattern in that it may somehow be considered neutral and serves as a background for a bold colour palette. It doesn’t interfere far too much with its randomised, small-scale living room wallpaper design, and when used with particularly vivid furniture pieces, such as a yellow bookcase, it draws attention to your wall while still allowing the star piece to shine. To create your living area a fresh, new vibe, try travertine.

6. Make match with each other

Make match with each other

Why not coordinate your wall and drapes for a seamless look? It’s the perfect technique to continue your selected living room wallpaper design over neutral shades without breaking the pattern. Many businesses and artists will reproduce the very same print on wallpapers, textiles, and decorations, making it simple to maintain a consistent aesthetic. If comprehensive curtains are too much detail for you, go for a pair of pillow covers in a similar style to your wallpaper, so the living room wallpaper design is mirrored more discreetly throughout the room.

7. Replicate wall panelling

Replicate wall panelling

Interior walls offer modest textures while still performing their original role of keeping warmth, satisfying our need for the tactile and organic stones that are frequently missing in modern living. Wall panelling is typically thought of as a classic accent to our home, but in a modern environment, many individuals are putting their own perspective on it, giving it a more approachable architectural trend, which is why it’s so important for designing. If embarking on this DIY project seems daunting, you can now obtain a wall panelling appearance by using wallpaper, which achieves a similar appearance with less work.

8. Walls with texture ideas

Walls with texture ideas

If you want to bring attention to your wall but don’t want a full patterning, search for an alternate living room wallpaper design that seems like a damaged surface. While doing so, you may add character and appeal to your wall without dominating the plan with more living room wallpaper design. This ‘Tiny flecks’ surfaces wallpaper style’s greyish colours provide a delicate warming and shimmer look, giving walls a smooth yet interesting finish.

9. Make a fusion of Living Room Wallpaper Design

Make a fusion of Living Room Wallpaper Design

To create a bold and strong feature wall, use a stunning vintage wallpaper in a blend of traditional tones, such as brownish and tangerine. Wallpaper is a surefire approach to help you differentiate a zone or theme in your room. A mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings, such as the gentleman’s leather chair and semi couch, complements the old wooden box.

10. Add more textures

Add more textures

With believable fake wallpaper, you can create the illusion of piled stone and uncovered brick walls. This concrete block wallpaper accurately simulates a typical, aged brick wall and is ideal for contemporary, urban interiors as well as countryside homes. When used on only one room divider and paired with accent pillows and decorations, mimic wallpapers become even more stunning. Because little is more, don’t have them in and over one or multiple living rooms.


Apart from personal preference, there are several aspects to examine. First, think about how you’ll utilise the space and where it’ll be in the house. A big size textured wallpaper in a tiny living room may be overwhelming. If the area is an open floor room with access to the yard, an environment wallpaper would be a better fit, flawlessly bringing the outside in. If the space is more of a ceremonial seating area that is only utilised on special occasions, a delicate print would be more appropriate to create a relaxing, serene atmosphere. Look over the above listed best 10 living room wallpaper designs and ideas to get started.